Upcoming Projects

Each title is only a working title, and will probably not reflect the final title if they are published

The Last Archangel (This has been signed by Cedar Fort)
Doomed to serve as a destroying angel until the end of the world, the fallen angel Xandir sometimes wonders what is taking so long.  In thousands of years, he has only cared about one person and he was forced to destroy her along with her entire city in the line of duty. 

Then a secret brotherhood approaches him and claims that together they can end the world and reunite him with his lost love.  To do so, he must enter an ancient sunken city and emerge with a seed from the noxious tree at its center. With the seed’s poison they could construct weapons to bring down the curtain on Earth’s final act. Xandir’s journey takes him around the world, both above and beneath, sending him rushing in where most angels fear to tread.

The Canticle Kingdom Book 2
Description: Johann and Brigitta find themselves out of the music box, and in a world recovering from World War II.  Karsten's brother Jorgen has gone missing and they find that he has been trapped behind a blockaded Berlin.  

An exciting fantasy about Tyson, who swallows a magic stone as a child and afterwards can sometimes bring things to life that he sees in his dreams. He gets trapped by an evil magician who puts a sleeping spell on him and then reads him books in a way that influences what Tyson dreams about. The magician uses this to build up defenses around him in the form of a huge Tower so that no one will be able to come in and wake Tyson up. His parents enter the Tower and pass through all the different floors created by their son's dream in a quest to get to the top and break the spell.

High school Sophomore Rich Witz has trouble keeping his head above water.  School is hard enough without being pelted by water balloons, having your glasses smashed on a regular basis, and having insulting cartoons drawn about your name. "Rich" is short for "Heinrich". It's a perfectly acceptable name--in Germany.

But then the real trouble begins. After the mysterious disappearance of both his mother and grandmother, Rich discovers that his missing father is a knight, in a family tasked to carry on an ancient struggle. The task now falls to Rich to carry on the family legacy, but the job does not come with shining armor or a valiant steed. To prove his worth, Rich must complete four quests before his Nemesis, an elusive dark knight masquerading as someone in his school. All this, while keeping up on his history homework. 

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