What Other Authors Say

This book was refreshing because it was a magical fantasy without the cliché. As much as I like Tolkien, it seems too many books rely upon the type of world he created. The Canticle Kingdom gives us a new perspective on fantasy that is truly unique.

Berin Stephens, "The Dragon War Relic"

This was really an enjoyable read and one that I look forward to my children reading. It even made me teary, which doesn't happen to me with fantasy novels."

Jewel Adams, Author of “The Journey”

This is a promising beginning for an inventive new author.

Heather Justesen, “The Ball’s in Her Court”

We really enjoyed this story. I was amazed by the imagination of the author. The plot wove and twisted with different stories that all tied up neatly at the end. The author did a fabulous job of keeping me guessing without confusing me (I blame my slowness on the Mommy brain).

I would definitely recommend this book to middle-grade through adult readers. I can't wait to read the sequel.

Cami Checketts, Author of "The Sister Pact"

What My Readers Say

I know a book is good when I am interested on the first page:  I was.

I know a book is good when I forget who the author is and just enjoy the story: I did.

I know a book is good when I think I am there in the story and not here in my bedroom rocking chair: I have.

Your descriptive words and phrases are so impressive. I like these but don’t like overkill and yours are JUST RIGHT.   Not too much and not too little. I love that.

I know a book is good when early on in the day I am planning how to get things done so I can get to my book: I do that and I look forward to that time when I can read.

-Deor from Illinois

Bravo!  There are such intricacies of plot and the character development is just spectacular! Your ability to formulate an interesting plot is superb.  I also appreciate your ability to develop believable characters that the reader becomes concerned about.  That is really the crux of how an author pulls the reader in and makes him want to continue reading.  Nothing seemed formulaic.  I just didn't have any idea about how you were going to bring those characters out of the dilemma which you had created for them.  I loved being unaware of how things might be resolved.  Very entertaining and suspenseful all the way through!

-Madeline from Virginia

What Teachers and Librarians Say

What a wonderful experience we had with Michael Young at Roy Elementary. Over a two day period, he presented Six Traits in every classroom . The students loved him and the teachers felt it was a very positive experience.  He inspired our students to become authors. 

Janene Salt,

Roy Elementary,

Reading Specialist

We had Michael Young come and speak at our school in April of 2010 and just loved his presentation and his wonderful ability to talk and converse with the students.

He has a great PowerPoint presentation that helps to understand how he came to be an author and the important points of writing.   I have since used these points as I talk about other authors and books to the kids.   The students had lots of great questions for Mr. Young and responded well to his answers with great enthusiasm.

We had him come to the 3rd through the 6th grade classes.  They came into the Library one grade at a time which helped make his presentation more personal for each age group.

His book the Canticle Kingdom, is flying off the shelf.  It is very well written and the students seem very pleased by the content.

I recommend that if you can bring Mr. Young to your school and or library please do it.  You will not be disappointed but greatly impressed.

Virginia Miller

Lomond View Elementary

Media Center/Library

Mr. Young came to speak in my classes on May 6, 2010.  He was well prepared for all of my classes, even though he had to have several different presentations.  He talked about revision with my Creative Writing classes, and was dynamic and elicited participation even from reluctant students.  He had them laughing and enjoying themselves, yet they were learning the whole time.  My German students loved his presentation about Germany's influence on us, and were talking about it for days afterward.  He was professional, fun, and worked well with the students.  I highly recommend Mr. Young as a guest speaker--he will help motivate and energize your students!

Christina Nelson,

Roy Jr. High

German and Creative Writing teacher